Modernise your customer
support with LITTLE

LITTLE is an app that brings the fun of group chat to the the drudgery of online customer support. By leveraging LITTLE, you can deal with casual customer service requests in larger chat groups as opposed to typical one-to-ones.

Join the beta

Fall 2020 Beta invite

As LITTLE preps for launch, we continue with our beta test program. If you have attended our webinar and would like to participate in our beta test please fill out the beta invite form and we will happy to get in touch and guide on next steps

LITTLE priorities


Humans have evolved to do things in
groups, let’s run with that!

Cross platform

Works seamlessly from web to
phone to virtual assistant.


Billing and permissions down to an
extremely granular level.

Hands off

Voice input in a number of situations
when typing isn’t convenient.


Keeping workflows connected with
what users are already doing.

Life flow

Alwas offering a next step so things
don’t get stuck or stagnate.